Papers on Biomedical Instrumentation

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papers on biomedical instrumentationPapers on biomedical instrumentation usually aim to explore a certain biomedical device and detect its advantages and shortcomings. The purpose that tutors usually pursue when giving a task to make papers on biomedical instrumentation is to check students’ knowledge in the field of biomedicine along with the research abilities that students possess. When going to make a paper on biomedical instrumentation, your purpose is to demonstrate sufficient knowledge, writing skills, analytical and research abilities.
Papers on biomedical instrumentation also help students investigate what biomedical devices are the most effective ones. The knowledge gained during your exploration of a certain biomedical device will be much useful for your future career life. Papers on biomedical instrumentation will enable you to learn the basic principles of various equipments utilized in the health care industry.
The following problems can serve as rather applicable topics for papers on biomedical instrumentation:

  • Operations and functions of X-Ray machines;
  • Identification of block system of circuits in X-Ray machines;
  • Devices that help to identify different types of PH electrode;
  • ECG system and placement of electrodes;
  • EMG system and placement of electrodes;
  • Blood pressure and devices of blood measurement: sphygrmanometer;
  • Thermistor and its use for measurement of respiration rate.

Before making a paper on biomedical instrumentation, take the following steps:

  1. Carefully read the lectures of your Professor and prepare a list of questions in case anything is unclear to you;
  2. Carefully explore the device under investigation. You must have certainly seen it before; still, something might have passed out of your mind. Besides, papers on biomedical instrumentation require complete comprehension of the principle of a certain device’s work;
  3. Consult your Professor or academic staff of your institution on all unclear questions. It will help you organize your thoughts and create a mind map for your paper on biomedical instrumentation.

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Useful Ideas to Succeed in Writing Disability Essays

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disability essayHave you ever felt sympathy to disabled people? What can be more awful than disability to live in all strength? Some people suffer because they cannot see the beauty of the world due to some health problems, some of them cannot go out and breathe in fresh air, some of them cannot hear the beauty of the world of sounds. All these problems can be discussed in disability essays. You just have to choose the one you would wish to investigate in your own disability essay tips. Below you will find some problems that you can develop and consider in your essay on disability.

  • Is it possible not to lose your hope while being disabled? Of course, it is easier said than done. Still, you can provide a few examples from the real life proving that disabled people can avoid despair;
  • Physical disability as a reason for divorces. A car accident can be a reason for disability; meanwhile, disability can be a reason for divorces. Discuss this problem in your essays on disability and express your personal point of view on whether it is our duty to take care about close people no matter what happens;
  • Are disabled people stronger than people without physical or mental anomalies? Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger. Calm life pampers a man without any disabilities. The more difficult our life is, the more we suffer from it, the stronger will of power we get. Speculate about it and express your personal point of view in your disability essay.

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Brilliant Ideas and Useful Tips for Writing an Essay on Horses

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essay on a horseYou are a lucky person, since you have a task to write an essay on horses! These animals are so beautiful and graceful that you cannot but admire and observe them. Before you start writing your essay on horses, you need to pick out a good topic.
There are several options for you. If your essay on a horse should be written in a creative way and no particular requirements were specified, then you can just talk about horses in general, providing your attitude towards these animals.

You can cover such issue in your essay on horses as races. A lot of people are fond of horse races. They like to stake and earn money. For some of them horse races is like an addiction. Touch upon this in your essay on horses. You may even visit one of such races in order to feel this atmosphere and reproduce it in your essay on horses. You can also consider breeds and breeding in your essay on a horse.

If this should be more of a scientific type, then you can cover the following issues in your essay on horses:

  • 4-H horse project
  • Breeds of horses
  • Horse genetics
  • Horse diseases, disorders, parasites
  • Euthanasia of horses
  • Navicular syndrome in horses
  • Safe ground handling of horses
  • Horse psychology

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