Research Paper Formats: Read Extremely Important Writing Advice

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research paper formatEvery kind of written paper should have an appropriate appearance - it should be formatted. Within academic institutions a lot of research paper formats exist. Since the size of the article does not allow considering all of them, we will dwell upon the most widely used research paper formats: APA, MLA and Harvard.
Research paper formats: APA
APA research paper format is most commonly used to cite the sources related to Social Sciences. This research paper format offers the style of formatting in-text citations, foot/endnotes and reference page. The general guidelines of APA research paper format include the following:

  • The text of a research paper should be double-spaced;
  • The margins should be 1” on all sides;
  • The font is 10-12, Times New Roman or a similar font;
  • The page header of a document is placed in the upper right-hand corner of every page.

Research paper formats: MLA
MLA research paper formats are usually applicable for making papers on Liberal Arts and Humanities. MLA research paper format was established by Modern Language Association and offers a specific style of citing and referencing the sources. The general guidelines of MLA research paper format can be presented as follows:

  • The text should be typed on a white paper, 8.5×11 inch;
  • The font of a paper should be legible enough, like Courier or Times New Roman;
  • The margins of MLA research papers should be 1 inch on all sides;
  • Endnotes should be presented on a separate page before your references page.

Research paper formats: Harvard
Like the research paper formats presented above, Harvard style of formatting research papers consists of in-text citations in the Main Body of a document and a reference list in the end of a custom research paper. Continue reading >

Amazing Technology Research Paper

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Technology is something that allows our world to move forward in its development. There is no precise definition for the term “technology”. It can be referred to some material objects, as well as to some new techniques and methods in various spheres.
The development of technology started at the primitive society. People learned to make different tools for facilitating their work. Then, the first wheel appeared, the first mechanism, the first gun and so on. This process can never be stopped and it is very difficult to predict the level of technology development in 20 years or more.
Thus, your technology research paper should be also progressive and present possible technological achievements in a particular sphere.
If I were you, I would write my technology research paper on architecture. Some time ago it was a kind of art. Today, it is also an art, but only of a technological character.
Particularly I suggest you to focus on high-tech architecture in your technology research paper.

This kind of architecture emerged in the 1970-s and became wide-spread in the 1980-s. High-tech architecture can be referred to modernism or post-modernism. It emerged somewhere in between of these two periods, and now it is difficult to define to what exact period can high-tech architecture be referred to.
So, below you will find some points that you can introduce in your technology research paper.

  • Your technology research paper should state the main distinctive features of high-tech architecture. These are: straight lines and simple figures, wide application of glass, plastic and metal, application of silver-metal color, use of the constructivism and cubism elements.
  • Study the reasons and the aims of high-tech architecture in your technology research paper. The main reason why this kind of architecture appeared is a response to the architecture of modern style.
  • In your technology research paper you should definitely give the names of the most famous representatives of this style and their works.
  • Do not forget to use pictures of the high-tech buildings in your technology research paper. This will significantly enrich your work.

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