In real life the goal of a business proposal is to persuade a consumer that your product is the only one optimal and suitable for him. The same is in academic life, where a business research proposal is called to assure a teacher or professor – your future business research paper will be the only one correct and best for the time being.
A business research proposal is constructed according to the rules of the best business writing. It is bright, persuasive, and full of arguments appealing both to logic and feelings.

  1. One of the golden rules of a business research proposal says: never save the best for last. This rule is easy enough to follow. This is why you should give much of your best in a business research proposal Introduction. It should be one of the strongest parts of your research paper writing. Give out your best to attract attention to your business research proposal right away.
  2. Give details in your business research proposal. State exactly what you are going to do in a Methodology part, and how you are going to do it. Demonstrate self-assurance. Be a business writer, be compatible. For this you should, first of all, clearly see your future research paper before writing a business research proposal.
  3. Remember the golden rule of five W’s in your business research proposal. Who? What? Where? When? and Why? are the main questions that should be consequently answered in your business research proposal. Of course, a business research proposal must follow a concrete basic structure, but without the filling – these W’s and your persuasiveness – the structure of your business research proposal will stay only a mere structure.

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