Research Paper Presentation Tips

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The process of research paper writing ends up with presenting the results of the work completed. Research paper presentation is the process of presenting the research papers to the audience.
This article aims at outlining the most important aspects of research paper presentation. Here they are:


Very often you have about 20 minutes for your research paper presentation. When you are through with the research paper presentation the auditory can ask you some questions (it longs about 5-10 minutes). So, in general, your research paper presentation takes 30 minutes.

The main points you should enlighten during your research paper presentations:

  • The title of the research paper;
  • The major problems of the research paper ( based on your thesis statement);
  • A brief description of the methods and the issues from the research paper;
  • The results and your evaluation of the work (whether you have managed to reach the main purposes of the work)

The useful ideas as for research paper presentation:

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Reflective Essay Writing

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The work on your research is not completed until you have composed a reflective essay. This paper gives a critical evaluation of the results achieved and specifies their significance for the science. Not every student possesses a critical thinking ability which is why writing a reflective essay may cause some difficulties for the essay writer. Our purpose here is to supply you with the most important tools for writing reflective essays. Make use of the hints suggested below and write a reflective essay that is really worth your research:

  • Try and recapitulate the stages of your work on the project: state why this very problem was chosen, what objectives the investigation had, what ways of achieving the goals were elaborated, what methodology was applied to;
  • Collect all the materials related to the problem and used in the research, evaluate them: say how reliable they were, how they fit each other, whether they were controversial or not;
  • Analyze the difficulties you have come across, define their nature, say how you have tackled with the problem;
  • State clearly the achievements of your research, think over how they may be further used and developed;
  • Be frank about the things you failed to discover, say what has prevented you from opening this or that true;
  • Give a general analysis of pros and cons of the research;
  • Evaluate the quality of the work: analyze its format and style.

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Humanities Essay

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The Humanities is the discipline connected to the human conditions, using analytical and critical methods of evaluation.
The humanity science includes studying:

  • Language;
  • History;
  • Literature;
  • Religion;
  • Philosophy;
  • Arts.

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How to Write a Brilliant French Essay: Useful Ideas

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Nowadays knowing several foreign languages is no longer surprising. For example, knowing the French language is common for English-speaking countries.
One studying the language may penetrate into the rich French culture and comprehend the French nation itself.

Writing a French essay is an ordinary assignment for those engaged in learning languages, as it will not only develop the author’s writing skills and abilities to think logically and critically, but it will also broaden his or her outlook.

If you are one of those who are assigned to write French essays we suggest you to pick out some of the following problems to investigate:
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Example Essays

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Ok, one more essay to write… This is sure to be the best essay ever. But you do not know what to start with. We advise you to start with analyzing some example essays. Example essays may be willingly offered by your professor to you. He or she will share not only his/her requirements concerning essay writing with you, but, also, their practical application. It is obvious, that your professor will provide you with example essays of the top quality; consequently, you will realize the perspectives to strive for and do your best to exceed the results achieved.
Example essays may also be taken from other sources; the Internet seems to be the most accessible one. There are plenty of example essays that various writing services suggest, you may benefit from every of them. But mind the accuracy and proficiency of the example essays offered. Continue reading >

Art Essays: Surprise Your Tutor

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If you are engaged in performing some type of art, art essay will be the best tool to promote your work, or, at least, to share your feelings and emotions called by your vacation with the reader. The better you discuss some art problem in yours art essays the more effective influence it will have on the reader’s assumption of art. May be, the very attitude of the writer to arts will be changed and the latter will become a constituent part of the reader’s life.
What we suggest you is to make your art essay a piece of art in itself. We are not speaking only about the essay writing manner which should impress your reader; we also mean the format of your art essay. Let it be creative. Supply your art essay, for example, with images related to your topic: suggest some pictures of the artist whose works you investigate, or the photos of body-art examples that amaze you so much. You may also prepare a Power-Point presentation of the piece of art you explore in your art essay. With your professor’s permission you may also use some CDs to introduce the works of the artists you admire. This will be a good extra to yours art essays and will make a real furor amongst the audience. Continue reading >

Useful Tips on How to Write a Dissertation Critique

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Dissertation critique writing develops the students’ critical and logical thinking abilities. When writing a dissertation critique the students learn to analyze the works conducted by other researchers.

In this article we will discuss the main aspects of dissertation critique writing.

First of all, choose a written dissertation published within the last five years for writing your dissertation critique. The dissertations should present some empirical research based both on primary and secondary data analysis.

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Writing a Literary Essay

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Literature offers us plenty of interesting pieces of art and that is why the students find literary essay writing very interesting and a captivating activity. The student should be aware of the work and get ready to express his/her ideas on the paper.
One thing that seems to be the most difficult for such task is the necessity to read a piece of literature. It is not too scary if it is a poem or little story, but if it is a great novel or work of fiction the task is rather undertaking and difficult.
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Various Research Essay Topics

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various research essay topics

Now, it is high time to offer some useful information about research essay writing. As a lot of students face a task to write a research essay, very often they face such a difficulty as choosing research essay topics.
To tell you the truth, research essay topics can be considered as a separate important element of the research essay writing. Grounding on the research essay topic only it is possible to write a good research essay.
Research essay topic must be interesting first of all to you, and then to the reader. If you have a chance to pick out the research essay topic lucky you are! Once you have an idea of what you are going to write about your task is to create a captivating and concrete research essay topic.

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Leadership Essay Requirements

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In many business schools one of the main tasks still remains leadership essay writing. It is not just an ordinary task. Leadership essays writing does not only develop the student’s writing skills, it also touches upon such issues as student’s personal attitude towards leadership. Moreover, you cannot even imagine how helpful the leadership essay is for developing a student’s logical thinking.
If the student pays necessary attention to the leadership essay requirements it turns out to be useful not only for the writing process, but for the student’s awareness in general.
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