Motivation Essay

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motivation essayHow do you think, has Frederick Winslow Taylor, the author of the management theory, born in 1856, ever thought that his ideas will be further developed by you, the most talented ever essay writer?
He would have been extremely delighted to realize that his perception of motivation and various subsequent problems would be studied in your motivation essay.
Oh, dear! You don't know what to start with?
First, study the nature of motivation and the basic aspects of its theory. You are sure to find them in your methodguides on management. Then choose a specific field for analysis. This should be the one which present some practical value, it should also be interesting personally for you and your professor, if possible.
Your following step would be to recollect the structure of a motivation essay. Actually, we can do it for you. Three obligatory parts of motivation essays are: the essay introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Continue reading >

Essay on Philosophy

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philosophy essayLet's be frank: at least once in your live you have been called a philosopher. Though you realize that philosophy is a very serious branch of science you still remain a little uncertain about its significance and don't like very much being called a philosopher. And this essay on philosophy to write for tomorrow doesn't contribute to your affection to this study.
This article is aimed at breaking your stereotype about philosophy essays and philosophy as a whole.
We all live in a materialistic world. No matter how often we quit it, dreaming in fictional places, sooner or later we come back to reality. Therefore, to live in it we urgently need to be aware of the rules existing there. The study of truths about reality is the main task of philosophy, and, consequently, writing essays on it.
The search for wisdom, this is where you are to have primacy while writing your philosophy essay. This requires thorough understanding of concrete philosophical sources and ability to reason and to state firmly your opinion. Continue reading >

Essay on Music

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music essayYour mood leaves much to be desired... Everything around is getting on your nerves... It seems, that this will last forever and there are no changes for better to wait for. But still there's one thing that may save you. This is your favorite music. How many times did you turn on your near and dear CD and it gave you a hand of help in your troubles!
Why not to write about this in your music essay? Note that you were very lucky to be given this very topic, the one that really appeals to you, the one that tends to lift the curtain over your most cherished dreams.
If your luck was as much as to give you an opportunity to choose your own essay topic for your essay on music, you may pick up the one that is the most thrilling and exciting to you.
For example, you may dwell on the place of music in your life, starting with the very notion of it personally for you: whether it's a simple organized sound or much more. You may also study the history of music – it's also a large field for investigation. One more possible topic for essay writing is different kinds of music. There are lots of them, and each and every can produce its unique effect on the listener. Continue reading >

Essay on Religion

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religion essayWhen a child, most of us wrote letters to God, asking for something, looking for some response to a very important question. When we have grown up, more and more often we ask ourselves questions about the very existing of this supernatural.
Once such thoughts come into your mind take a pen and write down everything you think of. This will be a draft for your future religious essay. Then create a thesis plan of your viewpoints, arrange it in the well-known for you structure of essay of any type (the essay introduction, containing a catch and a thesis statement, the main body including several paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting arguments each, the conclusion, where you summarize the main ideas of your research ) and your masterpiece is ready.
Pay special attention to the sincerity of essay writing. This tone is presupposed by the very topic of your essay on religion. Write down only things you are firmly believe in, or, on the contrary, absolutely sure of their irreality.
The first topic you may choose for working over is the notion of religion. Find out for yourself what this word stands for. Is it a mere set of attitudes and beliefs about some supernatural power, or something more, rooted deeply in your heart? Continue reading >

Conclusion of a Research Paper: Excellent Pieces of Advice

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A conclusion of a research paper seems to be one of the most difficult parts of the work. The writer doesn't have anything left to say to the reader. Moreover, the writer's at a loss - why on earth (s)he should repeat everything again?!

The thing is that a research papers conclusion is not a mere repetition of the information presented, it's a general outline, a brief overview of the most important points of the field studied.

If you think that the conclusion of a research paper is of no particular importance, please, consider the following functions a strong conclusion fulfills:
Continue reading >

Easy Guide to American Antiquity Citation Style for Excellent Papers

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Saying about American Antiquity citation style, there are two types of citation worse to specify: parenthetical citation and in-text reference.

Parenthetical Citations: referencing in American Antiquity Style

As usual, anthropology writers use parenthetical citation. Therefore, American Antiquity citation style guidelines do not recommend using endnotes, footnotes or numbered citations. American Antiquity citation samples show that all information sources referred to in your research paper must be identified with explicit citations. Remember: failure to acknowledge the sources (not in American Antiquity referencing only) constitutes plagiarism punished in most cases by dismissal from the university!

Referencing in American Antiquity: Cite within parentheses

After reviewing some American Antiquity citation style examples, you will see that a basic form can be outlined as follows: the author’s name, the year of publication, and the specific page or pages on which the material appears. Note: in American Antiquity referencing there is no punctuation after the author’s name, but a colon is used after the date and a comma – in the case of any graphic reference: The Feast of the Dead was taken over by the Algonquians of the northern Great Lakes from the Huron of the Ontario peninsula (Dickerson 1960:87-88). Continue reading >

AGU Citation Style: Simple Guidelines and a Helpful Example

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Referencing (or citation style) is a standardized method to acknowledge information sources and ideas used in assignment uniquely identifying these sources. So, direct quotations with facts and figures (ideas and theories as well) from any kind of works (both published and unpublished) have to be referenced.

Citation of article in AGU referencing

Under AGU citation style guidelines, the citation displayed below includes: Author(s), Year of publication, Title of article, Title of journal, Volume number, Citation number, Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
AGU citation style example: First observations of a probable duration ULF waveform in the internal magnetosphere, J. Geophis. Res., 112, A03402, doi: 10.1029/2004JA008874.

AGU Citation Style: What is Citation Number

In AGU referencing, citation numbers are usually assigned at the publication time and sequential in frames of each issue or subject area/subset.

The citation number format shown above in the AGU citation style example is A03402: Continue reading >