How to Become an Expert in Writing Excellent College Essays

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college essayIn high school you probably were an expert in writing five-paragraph essays, got straight A’s, and were proud of yourself. However, as soon as you got to college, your brilliant writing turned out to be unsatisfactory. If you are feeling confused about your college essays writing,  papers you need to know.

A five-paragraph essay is a standard form of writing in any school. It means that you can fit all you ideas into five paragraphs, only three of which are to the point, and still be successful in class. This type of an custom essay paper also has its certain inner structure that guides you directly to the end. College essays are much trickier.

First of all, they give more credits to strong, not vague, arguments. A college argument is a complex set of statements arranged logically. By a complex system a duo of claim and evidence is meant. By the way, there can (and must) be more than just one supportive fact to any claim made in a college essay paper.

The argument also has to be more of a provocative one, no matter what type of a custom essay paper you are completing. Readers have to analyze it, as well as get information. They also need to get a feeling like they just have to give their response to it. Convince your audience that there is more than 80% of truth in your statement. Even if that’s not what you want to do, try to make your custom essay papers (which is a monologue by a description) look more like a conversation, in which both you and your reader are looking for a right decision. Continue reading >

Custom Essay in 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 hours!

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We all were students once. We all know that the biggest and hardest assignments are usually completed the night before they are due, even if we had weeks on writing them. Quality is the first thing suffering in a rush like this one, and after we receive back the papers with poor grades, we know that we are the ones to blame. But that’s student’s life, and the next time the story goes the same way.
A lot of custom writing services offer custom essays in six hours, or even less time. But here is where you need to become critical, and make some easy calculations. How long does it take you to write a page of text? More than an hour if you are not experienced. That’s counting the fact that you are familiar with the material and topic at least a little. Yes, the writer is more skillful, and where you write one, he writes two pages of the text. But he still needs to get acquainted with the materials for the custom essay, analyze them, and come up with his own answers and conclusions.
A custom essay in 3, 4, 5, 7, 11 hours – how reliable does it sound to you? Even if the size of the essay order is not too big, it is still impossible to come up with the authentic work in such a small amount of time. We don’t talk about big assignments here, for it is even hilarious. Continue reading >

Cheap and Plagiarism Free Custom Essays

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cheap and plagiarismThere is no such thing as cheap plagiarism free custom essays. Custom essays can not be cheap in the first place, because there are at least two prices included in one: writer’s payment, and payment for the company that found the writer, and neither of these two sides will do volunteer work.
Good writer’s work requires time and researches. Imagine you were a custom writer yourself. Now, think that you received an order. Even if it corresponds to your major, you still don’t know absolutely everything about it. You start researching, and it takes time. If you don’t find enough material, you send a request to a customer, and he provides you with sources. Now that all the materials are available, you start reading and taking notes. Sometimes it is frustrating, but still necessary to do. The last but not least is evaluation and conclusions.
Basing on this you have to come up with writing. So it is a thorough work, and if you were a writer yourself, you would ask for a good payment.
Cheap essaysare plagiarized. It saves essay writers efforts and time. They are able to take more orders that are cheaper, but bring the same amount of money, or even more, in the end. Continue reading >