We all were students once. We all know that the biggest and hardest assignments are usually completed the night before they are due, even if we had weeks on writing them. Quality is the first thing suffering in a rush like this one, and after we receive back the papers with poor grades, we know that we are the ones to blame. But that’s student’s life, and the next time the story goes the same way.
A lot of custom writing services offer custom essays in six hours, or even less time. But here is where you need to become critical, and make some easy calculations. How long does it take you to write a page of text? More than an hour if you are not experienced. That’s counting the fact that you are familiar with the material and topic at least a little. Yes, the writer is more skillful, and where you write one, he writes two pages of the text. But he still needs to get acquainted with the materials for the custom essay, analyze them, and come up with his own answers and conclusions.
A custom essay in 3, 4, 5, 7, 11 hours – how reliable does it sound to you? Even if the size of the essay order is not too big, it is still impossible to come up with the authentic work in such a small amount of time. We don’t talk about big assignments here, for it is even hilarious.
What happens is called plagiarism. Most likely companies that provide fast custom writing service don’t give you any insurance on plagiarism. They don’t do plagiarism checking and don’t send you reports. But cheating is the only way to complete a relatively short order essay in 3 hours. And when it is detected, there is no way you can influence the company. Even if you go back to complaint and tell them you are not going to become a returned client, they don’t care – there will be more customers to come.
You, in your turn, will end up with a poor-quality paper and an empty wallet. Rush essay orders are usually the most expensive ones. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of custom writing services, learn these rules:

  • Whenever it is possible, order a paper in advance, avoiding rush essays orders.
  • The cheapest are usually the trickiest ones. Remember that apart from paying the essay writer, the company still has to save something for its profit. 9, 95 $ per page is usually the payment of a good writer. What’s up with company profit, and who is going to suffer here?
  • Commercial text on websites can say whatever they want to describe you the best perspectives, but sometimes it is useful to think for a change.

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  • Patrick Posted:

    Great work!

  • Basel Posted:

    It’s unbelievable to complete custom essays in six hours! But you did it! My 2-page essay is written perfectly! I wouldn’t finish it even within six days!

  • E. S. Posted:

    Thanks for the information. Will keep it in mind when order papers online.

  • Linda Posted:

    I need a paper consisting of 900 t0 1500 words (3 – 5 pages. The topic: Comparing Eastern and Western Religions. It should compare and contrast commonalities in the three Western religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and the Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Shinto. It also should include a description of how Indigenous religions are reflected in Eastern and Western religions. One thing to consider is if your points of interest are necessary to the meta-narrative of the religion or not.

    • Jack Milgram Posted:

      Hey there Linda,
      Thanks for your trust. Could you please give us all the necessary details filling in this order form and we’d be happy to start working on your paper as soon as possible.
      Sincerely yours,