It's finally here! Our Awesome Writing Tools Kit! We're truly excited and proud to present you our unique set of online applications, designed specifically to help you with your education.

We've been working for quite a while on them and hope that you will find them to be extremely helpful.

And, of course, we didn't forget about the fun part - be sure to check out our "Compare to a Famous Writer" tool!

Expect more tools to become available pretty soon! Let's take a closer look at each one of them:

Topic Generator

The name says it all – simply choose your type of assignment or subject and our online tool will offer you a list of random 3 topics. Click again and it will offer you another 3 random topics, based on your initial input. You can do it all day long and we'll keep the topics coming.


Having trouble with putting more words into less words?! Meaning, you can't figure out how to properly write an abstract or a summary for your paper?! Simply copy-paste or upload your text file to our online Summarizer tool.

You will receive a mathematically calculated summary of your text, which will contain all of the most important points from your work! Some editing and personal touches and – voila! Your summary is ready!

Compare to a Famous Writer

There should always be some room for fun and leisure while you study. That's why we've created this application! Have you ever wondered if your writing style resembles any of the writing masterpieces by Dan Brown of Paolo Coelho?

Well, you have a chance to check it out! Our awesome tool will analyze the text of your writing piece and will compare it with a database of literary works of famous writers. Who knows – maybe you really have the writing talent?!

More Tools Coming Soon

Of course, as you might expect – these writing tools took a lot of sleepless hours to be finished. But we're constantly working on new ones for you! Expect them to be super easy and extra useful to use!

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