11 Rules of Writing – Common Mistakes [& Fixes]

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Getting your message across may seem a bit harder online than in real life. Not that there’s less means to do so. A whole lot of methods including audio tracks, videos, animations and other visuals are available for you at any second.

And let’s not forget about good ol’ text. But it’s the short attention span of those who browse the web that makes it harder for you.

So, what do you do to win this game?

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Guide to English Phonetic System: Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics

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Guide to English Phonetic System Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics

Did you ever notice any troubles with English phonetic spelling? Did you even need essay help because your English is far from perfect?

What about the pronunciation of unnatural speech sounds in English words? Or the use of stress on the wrong syllable?

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English as a Second Language Learning Materials: Free and Handy!

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student is reading esl guide

Learning English as a second language is turning into a must-do in our rapidly globalizing world. As a result, the demand for free English grammar lessons, ESL programs, ESL activities, and best paper writing services is rising and the need for ESL teachers is steadily increasing too.

But what does one need to effectively learn (or teach) English as a second language? First, ESL essay help from the best paper writing service can be useful. Also, we figured that it would be free and handy online ESL study materials. That’s why we have gathered some of the most essential materials for studying ESL here, sorted by the topic.

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200 Powerful Words to Use Instead of “Good” [Infographic]

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Do you find yourself using the word “good” to describe just about anything? Good weather, good movies, good essay writing service, good music, good life, good this, good that…

Surely, it’s convenient and time-efficient to use one word over and over again, but is it really what a good research paper writer would do? We bet it isn’t.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy infographic containing 200 different words for “good” to help you make your speech and writing more powerful and impactful.

By the way, if you ever need help with that, just drop us a line "do my assignment" and we'll get it done for you quickly and easily.

Don’t wrack your brain looking for other words for “good”—just choose the one you like from our infographic!
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Boost Your ESL Pronunciation: Top 10 Fun Tongue Twisters

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ESL pronunciationHi everyone!
Do you feel like boosting your ESL pronunciation today?
We, here at custom-writing.org, are sure that your perfect [r] and even [θ] and [ð] are hiding in your mouth. You know, just like a killer six pack can hide behind a flabby belly after Thanksgiving.
All you really need in both cases is a good workout. And here is your accent reduction program - simple and fun, but super effective.

Meet Your ESL Pronunciation Workout: 10 Tongue Twisters

The initial position: sit straight, relax and get ready to have fun.
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Top 5 Free ESL Software Tools to Get You Through College

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ESL softwareIf you are an ESL student, the struggle for perfect style and grammar when you have a written assignment to do can be even harder than learning the subject. But innovative technologies come to the rescue! To ease your burden, here are the top 5 free ESL software tools that can help you improve your English and your papers in almost no time.

ESL Software Tools for Enriching Your Vocabulary

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