Nail the MLA Format Today with These Effective Tips

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Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the MLA format?  You know the feeling.  It’s that one you get when you have been given an assignment and you look it over and think, “This is a piece of cake,” only to have your instructor tell you to use MLA format citation in your work.

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Easy Guide to American Antiquity Citation Style for Excellent Papers

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Saying about American Antiquity citation style, there are two types of citation worse to specify: parenthetical citation and in-text reference.

Parenthetical Citations: referencing in American Antiquity Style

As usual, anthropology writers use parenthetical citation. Therefore, American Antiquity citation style guidelines do not recommend using endnotes, footnotes or numbered citations. American Antiquity citation samples show that all information sources referred to in your research paper must be identified with explicit citations. Remember: failure to acknowledge the sources (not in American Antiquity referencing only) constitutes plagiarism punished in most cases by dismissal from the university!

Referencing in American Antiquity: Cite within parentheses

After reviewing some American Antiquity citation style examples, you will see that a basic form can be outlined as follows: the author’s name, the year of publication, and the specific page or pages on which the material appears. Note: in American Antiquity referencing there is no punctuation after the author’s name, but a colon is used after the date and a comma – in the case of any graphic reference: The Feast of the Dead was taken over by the Algonquians of the northern Great Lakes from the Huron of the Ontario peninsula (Dickerson 1960:87-88). Continue reading >

AGU Citation Style: Simple Guidelines and a Helpful Example

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Referencing (or citation style) is a standardized method to acknowledge information sources and ideas used in assignment uniquely identifying these sources. So, direct quotations with facts and figures (ideas and theories as well) from any kind of works (both published and unpublished) have to be referenced.

Citation of article in AGU referencing

Under AGU citation style guidelines, the citation displayed below includes: Author(s), Year of publication, Title of article, Title of journal, Volume number, Citation number, Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
AGU citation style example: First observations of a probable duration ULF waveform in the internal magnetosphere, J. Geophis. Res., 112, A03402, doi: 10.1029/2004JA008874.

AGU Citation Style: What is Citation Number

In AGU referencing, citation numbers are usually assigned at the publication time and sequential in frames of each issue or subject area/subset.

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APA Citation Style

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    Admit it – online tutorials on how to use APA style are very confusing. All this amount of materials scares away more than helps. The resources below give some basic introductory information about the style.

    APA Style: When to Use

    American Psychological Association is abbreviated as APA. This is an editorial style of rules that is used in all journals and materials published by the association. Many others working in the social and behavioral sciences have adopted this style as their standard as well. APA is widely used in social science manuscripts and theses, and focuses on the needs of presenting psychological information.

    APA Style: Why to Use

    Inconsistencies among journal articles or book chapters can be easily avoided when the essay writer is using a particular editorial style. It is especially obvious when tables and statistics are included into the material. Continue reading >