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The years I spent working towards my Master of Arts in Education were a memorable start for my professional pathway. It was back in 1993 when I began my career as a college teacher, but it seems like yesterday. How uncomfortable I felt before entering the classroom! It took a deep breath to master my fear, before opening that door. Inside were 20 students just a few years younger than I was, watchful gazes all fixed on me. In spite of my fears, however, I really enjoyed my college teaching practice. Teaching others really is the best way to learn, and I was sorry, when, in 2000, I had to say good-bye to the students and colleagues who had become so dear to me. Family circumstances required that I move to Boston. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because in Boston, I found a vacancy for a copywriter with one of the leading advertising agencies. Irony of ironies, I could put into practice all the wonderful skills of writing that I had previously shared with my students. Writing has always been my passion, and finally my greatest dream, that of being a writer, finally came true. In 2006, I decided to become a freelance writer and spend more time on self-development and my family life. I wish everyone could find his or her place in the sun and be as happy as I am now working as a freelancer.

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These 10 Mistakes with Punctuation Marks Make You Look Silly

Punctuation Marks Sometimes we underestimate the punctuation marks – the small signs dividing sentences into smaller parts. We can misplace them, omit or even ignore. However, all those small signs need to be in their right places. Punctuation mistakes are very annoying, especially when they distort the meaning of a sentence.

Top 10 Most Annoying Errors

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Google Classroom App – Start of a New Era in Education

With the crazy tempo of technical progress, the classical education formula seems so outdated and so last century. No big surprise that educators argue whether modern students need to learn handwriting or not. And the launch of Google Classroom marks a new era in education evolution.

Google Classroom Features

A free Google suite for education, including Gmail, Drive and Docs, created for teachers and students, is now complimented with this new app. And most of the academic community couldn't help but love it, because
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Top 10 Dream Internships for College Students in 2014

Check yourself: what is an internship to you:

  1. voluntary slavery;
  2. waste of time;
  3. chance to get the first job.

If you answer anything other than c, simply check the current graduates unemployment rates. Then think of how 60% of the time an internship turns into a job offer and answer the same question again.

There are a lot of places where you may find internships for college students. However, not all of internship opportunities are worth your time and effort.
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10 Most Unusual Student Jobs to Make You Smile or Cringe

Student Jobs Campus is the place that never sleeps. Indeed, how can you afford a healthy 9 hour night sleep when you have to miraculously balance your study, social life and a part-time job?

Getting a part-time job is especially time-consuming. Nowadays finding something decent or remotely related to your future career can take ages. However, you may need cash right now. That's why sometimes students are satisfied with some of the following 10 really unusual student jobs:
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