definition essayDefinition essays are a good way to examine student’s evaluation and investigation skills. But they are also somewhat hard to write. Here, at, everyone is dedicated to your successful writing. That’s why we decided to provide you with summary guidelines for writing a definition essay. We also share our professional writing tips with you.

1. Definition Essay Writing.


A definition essay gives a detailed examination of a topic.

General guidelines:

  • find a term that needs to be defined;
  • a term can be defined by function (basically, what it does), structure (how it is organized), or analysis (where everything is learned through comparing a term to other representatives of the class);
  • consider your potential audience, and write in accordance with its requirements;
  • think about the purpose of your definition.

Our tips on essays writing:

  • If your teacher needed a definition, he would’ve looked for one in an information bank. But since he assigned you with a definition essay, he wants to know your description. Remember about it, and don’t make an abstract from encyclopedias.
  • Always try to be creative and stand out in the crowd. While everybody will write about general, major issues, you can talk about your pajamas.
  • Abstract terms offer a lot of space for investigation. How can you define happiness?

2. Definition Essay Writing. Stating a Thesis

The thesis statement usually identifies the term being defined and provides a brief, basic definition.
General guidelines:

  • Thesis statements are always presented in the beginning of essay writings. They determine the entire essay paper and predict a conclusion.
  • Begin with an introductory sentence;
  • Limit the area of your investigation by a thesis statement. A short definition essay can’t properly evaluate all kinds of pajamas, for example; therefore, it’s better to talk about your own nightie;
  • Give a transition sentence that will lead into supportive paragraphs.

Our tips on essay writing:

  • Don’t define a word in terms of itself
  • Metaphors are not definitions.

3. Definition Essay Writing. The Main Body


This is where the main purpose behind writing an essay really comes through. Your essay paper informs the readers.
General guidelines:

  • relate each main point to your thesis;
  • show how your concept is different from other concepts that might, for whatever reason, be confused with it;
  • use understandable facts, examples, or anecdotes to fully explain your definition.

Our tips on essay writing:

  • If you are writing in an entertaining manner, don’t get lost in your own stories and jokes. A lot of writers make a point clear to themselves; however, in an essay paper they forget about their readers. As a result, they end up with a collection of anecdotes that can be hardly called definitions.

4. Definition Essay Writing. The Conclusion


Your conclusion ties up the paper so that you remind the reader of what you were writing about in the first place.
General guidelines:

  • When you restate the thesis, you do not necessarily have to keep it to one sentence, but you do have to restate the paper’s topic.
  • Your conclusion must very clearly let the reader know that you have said what you have to say.
  • It is important to remember that new ideas are not to be introduced here.

Our tips on essay writing:

  • If there is a particular idea in your main body that you want to stress, go ahead. It can be presented as something you want your readers to think about.

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