essays on shopliftingWe suppose you will not be able to steal your essay on shoplifting from somewhere. It means you will have to write it independently, and we are going to help you with it.
Before we give some tips for writing essays on shoplifting, we want to ask you several questions.

  1. Have you ever stolen something from a shop?
  2. Have you ever seen somebody doing that? What was your reaction?
  3. Can you distinguish a shoplifter from an average customer?

Yes, your personal experience can be a good basis for the essay on shoplifting. Mind that real life stories make essays more convincing and exciting.
Still, if you do not have a story to tell in your essay on shoplifting, you will have to go a standard way. So, these are the aspects for you to cover in the essay on shoplifting.
A bit of history
Every phenomenon has its history and origins, and shoplifting is not an exception. Tell in your essay on shoplifting about the first shops and first attempts to steal something there.
Present days
Is shoplifting a serious problem these days? Statistics that you can give in the essay on shoplifting will illustrate the scope of the problem. So, take time to find reliable statistical data.
The “face” of shoplifting
Now, you can pass to discussing specific issues in your essay on shoplifting. So, what kind of people usually appears in the rows of shoplifters? What is their age, gender, social class, etc?
Effects of shoplifting
Does shoplifting affect only shop owners who lose their money? Or, does the phenomenon have more serious consequences for community? Answer these questions in the essay on shoplifting.
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