decision making essayWe have to make decisions every day. What to wear today? What to buy in the supermarket? What book to read? We have to answer all these questions by ourselves no matter how difficult it can be for us.
The question of decision making is rather philosophic, and you can speculate upon it in your essay paper on decision making.
If though, you need some hints for writing essays on decision making, you are welcome!

  • Write about H. Truman’s decision of the century
  • On August 2, 1945, Harry S. Truman, the President of the US, had to make the toughest decision in his life. He had to decide whether to use nuclear weapon against Japan or not. Discuss how challenging this was for Truman in the decision making essay. In order to make your decision making essay more persuasive, find interviews with the eyewitnesses of Truman’s emotions at that moment.

  • The decision that changed your life or the life of close to you people
  • Each of us, at least once, has to make a very responsible decision that might change life cardinally. Tell a real life story about the decision that changed your life or the life of close to you people in your decision making paper.

  • Fear and its effect on decision making
  • Very often, people are afraid to make decisions, since their lives can change dramatically. Fear can make us not only feel pressured and distressful, but also force us to make the right decision. Do you have real life stories about fear and decision making? Present them in your essay paper on decision making.

Of course, there are lots of other issues to consider in decision making essays. If none of the ideas for decision making papers presented fit you, consult your tutor. Perhaps, he/she will give you some fascinating ideas for essays on decision making. Good luck with your papers on decision making!
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