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Jack Milgram

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I have been interested in writing since I made the acquaintance of pen and paper. My first letters were really funny, and my mom still keeps them as mementoes. However, as soon as I learned how to write words, I started forming them into sentences. And do you know what my first sentence said? “I love my words”. It was written so ineptly that it looked more like “I love my weird”. When I was younger and played in a band I also started writing poems, but to be honest, prose is much easier for me and I’m doing much better focusing on exactly that. I started writing, but often left unfinished, many of my essays at school, as well as my researches at college, where I studied psychology and education. I started freelance writing when I was a student. I have never found sitting in an office appealing, and a world traveler is actually my true alter-ego. That is why freelancing was my career solution. And now, here you are, reading my tips and guidance for my favorite occupation while I am actually doing what I love all over the world.

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New Design for Our Blog about Academic Writing

Custom-Writing.org logo So, how do you like our new design?

We hope that you’ll love it as much as we do;)

By the way, new improved layout and nice fonts are just a few improvements we’ve made.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World

If you’re like most modern students, you’re probably not a big fan of your college library. If someone looks for you, the library would be the last place they’ll think of. However, not all reading halls are the same. Only take a look at the following libraries where you may want to live.

  1. Coimbra General Library, University of Coimbra, Portugal. The library has been in operation since 1537 (!) and it is still open for students every day. Housing around 200. 000 books, it’s worth visiting simply because of its magnificent beauty.
    Coimbra General Library
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How to Write Transition Sentences to Make Your Essay Flow

Transition Sentences Transition sentences are like bridges between the different parts of your essay. These elements help readers understand your logic. To improve your writing style and make your essay flow, simply insert the links between the different arguments.

Functions of Transition Sentences

How do you know where a transition is absolutely necessary? If you’re not sure, here’s where transitions are usually placed:
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