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The years I spent working towards my Master of Arts in Education were a memorable start for my professional pathway. It was back in 1993 when I began my career as a college teacher, but it seems like yesterday. How uncomfortable I felt before entering the classroom! It took a deep breath to master my fear, before opening that door. Inside were 20 students just a few years younger than I was, watchful gazes all fixed on me. In spite of my fears, however, I really enjoyed my college teaching practice. Teaching others really is the best way to learn, and I was sorry, when, in 2000, I had to say good-bye to the students and colleagues who had become so dear to me. Family circumstances required that I move to Boston. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because in Boston, I found a vacancy for a copywriter with one of the leading advertising agencies. Irony of ironies, I could put into practice all the wonderful skills of writing that I had previously shared with my students. Writing has always been my passion, and finally my greatest dream, that of being a writer, finally came true. In 2006, I decided to become a freelance writer and spend more time on self-development and my family life. I wish everyone could find his or her place in the sun and be as happy as I am now working as a freelancer.

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